Anmopyc corporate

The ANMOPYC business association manages its operation through the following bodies

General Assembly

It includes all member companies. It meets once a year as provided in its Statutes.

Executive Committee

Its task it to forward proposals and suggestions to General Assembly and evaluate the Association management.

Chairmanship and Vicepresidency

They represent ANMOPYC in public events, agreements, etc.

Chairmanship AUSA, D. Jordi Perramon Vicepresidency SIMA, D. Javier García y ALBA, D. Aitor Navarro Treasurer CINTASA, D. Rafael Simón Secretary DICSA, Dª Irene Carmen

Anmopyc Team

Jorge Cuartero
Managing director

Texto descriptivo de funciones...

Javier Serrano

Texto descriptivo de funciones...

Andrés Saenz de Jubera

Texto descriptivo de funciones...

Sergio Serrano
Director Tecnico

Texto descriptivo de funciones...

Susana de Miguel
Dpto. Técnico

Texto descriptivo de funciones...

Carmen Bravo
Administración & Marketing

Texto descriptivo de funciones...

Carmen del Río

Texto descriptivo de funciones...

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