ANMOPYC develops several initiatives in R+D field in the sprit of increasing the industry and companies competitiveness. That is why the Association is becoming a reference in this Scope.

ANMOPYC has recently included activities related to scientific research encouragement as an important issue of its main goals.

That means to give a boost to collaboration between companies and at the same time with technological centres and universities and to develop tasks regarding research and technology results. All that proves the commitment to innovation as a driving force of development at an industry level.

As fruits of our efforts in 2011 ANMOPYC became an AEI, Innovation Cluster being part in Innovation Clusters General Registry of Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. It supposes that the Association may apply for funds to carry out the planned actions in Industry Strategic Plan 2010-2013 that was qualified as excellent by that Ministry.

These are the initiatives promoted by ANMOPYC in this field:
  • To act as an intermediate body for development of sector horizontal projects to gain overall profits for the sector and participant companies.
  • To conduct technology watch and prospecting studies.
  • Sectorial representation in the R+D plans and activities preparation on the part of different Authorities
  • Management of technological high-risk tractor projects to create new ideas of machinery.
  • Guides wording, adjustment to the sector of tools and methodology to improve companies competitive and strategic management.
  • Coordination of machinery and equipment strategy line of PTEC (Spanish Construction Technology Platform) .

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